McDonald's, big Mac, McChicken sandwich, 6 nuggets, filet o fish or quarter pounder with medium fries or side salad 99p #traveldeals

Picked up these vouchers from WHSmith at the checkout
Big Mac and fries or salad
McChicken sandwich and fries or salad
6 nuggets and fries or salad
Filet o fish and fries or salad
Quarter pounder and fries or salad
Double cheese burger and large fries or salad
These vouchers can be used with the eat out to help out promotion, just used them and they work fine on the kiosks. Just scan the bar code on the back. Can be used as many times as you want, never asked for the actual coupons so when added to the eat out promotion all were reduced to 99p
Please note can only be used at a McDonald’s without a drivethru.

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