Masego – South Africa + Kenya (Mini-Doc)

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#Egypt #vacation CAIRO, EGYPT Very first IMPRESSIONS: WOW!

From the relative tranquil of Europe we vacation to the chaos and craziness of Egypt and back again to regular implies of vacation. We uncover an wonderful town with markets, museums and the friendliest people. A good begin to the subsequent leg of our adventures! A couple of center-aged Kiwis travelling the planet by aircraft, […]


  1. Quick tutorial on how to pronounce "Xhosa", push your tougne up against the side of the roof of your mouth. Create a small vacume as you push your tougne against the roof of your mouth, suck the air, then release to get that "Xho" sound as you would be exhaling at the same time.

    Make things simple pretend as if you got some meat stuck in your teeth on the side roof of your mouth rather then the outside of your teeth. To get that "Xho" you would position your tougne in such a way like you going to remove the meat with your tougne.

  2. we love you in South Africa dog, i hope you can see how lively the youth is and how much we love Black Americans, you naming yourself Masego means the world to us because you are representing. AMANDLA!!!!!!!! let Africans all over the world unite

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