Mark Blanton Talk On Leaving US For South Africa & Need For The Diaspora To Return

Mark Blanton joins us from South Africa to share what built him want to leave the US. Mark and his wife designed The Genuine South Africa tour company. The company is even partnered with the South African tourism board.

Hosted by Phillip Scott

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  1. I did business with Mark Blanton in the US just before he left for SA. He Ripped me Off. In fact every in counter I had with this man he insulted my intelligence! What he is saying about Africa is very good but to do business with this man, be for warned he has no respect for Blacks doing business with Blacks.

    I rented an old bit down house from him, during the walk through as I was pointing out the problems he said “It's my house I know whats wrong with it”. To make a long story short, he did not return my security deposit. And six months or so later when I was able to confront him about it, he offered me 10% of what he owes me!

  2. Bro went there with a lil paper, how would the regular American black fare? This isn’t a fair assessment. Also, the best way to help them is through reparations for ADOS. We need to be “fixed” before trying to “fix” someone else.

  3. I would love to go and visit AFRICA, I have never been out of the USA, visiting the motherland on a tour would be fantastic. Well send me, I would love to learn and see for myself, at least spend 3 months to learn the culture, learn about the food, those beautiful colors of material, Well being pulled over there is different than being pulled over by the police here. How is they can't access anything in America, But the Whites people go to Africa and Rob that country all the time.

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