Mar del Plata Travel Guide – Argentina Unique Experience

Mar del Plata Travel Guide – Argentina Unique Experience

Mar del Plata is located about 400km south of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the summer months, December through March, the beaches are crowded with Porteños on holiday. Outside the summer months, the city is much less crowded. However there are 700,000 residents who live there year round. It is a very large city with lots to do, and not only in summer months.

he name “Mar del Plata” has the meaning of “sea of the Plate region” or “adjoining sea to the (River) Plate region”. Mar del Plata features an oceanic climate typical for eastern Argentina. Winters are cool though and there is an average of about 6 days where temperatures reach 0°C (32°F) in the city center and 27 in the airport.

As part of the Argentine recreational coast, tourism is Mar del Plata’s main economic activity with seven million tourists visiting the city in 2006. Mar del Plata has a sophisticated tourist infrastructure with numerous hotels, restaurants, casinos, theatres and other tourist attractions. Mar del Plata is also an important sports centre with a multi-purpose Olympic style stadium (first used for the 1978 World Cup and later upgraded for the 1995 Pan American Games), five golf courses and many other facilities.

Mar del Plata is served by Astor Piazzolla International Airport (MDQ/SAZM) with daily flights to Buenos Aires served by Aerolíneas Argentinas and Sol Líneas Aéreas and weekly flights to Patagonia served by LADE. Highway 2 connects Mar del Plata with Buenos Aires and Route 11 connects it through the coastline, ending at Miramar, 40 km (25 mi) south of Mar del Plata. Route 88 connects to Necochea and Route 226 to Balcarce, Tandil and Olavarría.

Mar del Plata is the most popular destination for conventions in Argentina after Buenos Aires. Mar del Plata has a wide range of services in this sector. The summer season hosts over fifty theatrical plays. Mar del Plata has a wide variety of clubs located by district: the area of Escollera Norte (known for its quantity of pubs and nightclubs) and Constitution Avenue.

Great fish. The “Puerto” of Mar del Plata is a nice zone to know and try “mariscos”, “rabas” and as many possibilities as you can. “Alfajores” (a cake sandwich with dulce de leche)are found all over Argentina, and go perfect with cafe con leche. Many say the best are at the Havanna shops that are all around MDP. They make great gifts to bring home.

Mar del Plata boasts over 500 hotels, the majority falling into the two and three star category.As usual, things get cheaper the further inland you go, but you can still get a reasonable rate two or three blocks from the beach. Alem street is the heart of nightlife in the city. You will find countless pubs, bars, nightclubs in about a 6 square block area. The discos are located north of town: for 30 pesos, Sobremonte is quite an experience. Chocolate and Gap also are a lot of fun on the right night.

A lot to see in Mar del Plata such as :

Playa Varese
Tank Tower
Mar del Plata Aquarium
Centro Cultural Villa Victoria Ocampo
Laguna de los Padres
Mar del Plata Cathedral
Bosque Peralta Ramos
Casino Central
Villa Ortiz Basualdo.Museo Municipal de Arte Juan Carlos Castagnino
La Perla Spa
Reserva de Lobos Marinos
Faro Punta Mogotes
Museo Casa sobre el Arroyo
Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
bajada publica a Playa Acantilados
Playa Alfar
Mar del Plata Museum of the Sea
Honu Beach
Colón Square
Plaza Mitre
Stella Maris Church
La Perla
Arenas Blancas Punta Mogotes
Cristo Salvador
Playa Popular
Balneario Perla Norte
Monumento Lobos Marinos
Punta Mogotes
Playa Mariano
Club de pescadores
Balneario Alfonsina LA PERLA
Balneario 12 PUNTA MOGOTES
Beach Balcony
Balneario San Sebastián
Balneario Bahía Varese
Casino Hotel Sasso
Helena Beach
Zoo Batan
Banquina de Pescadores
UlisesBalneario Marbella Mar del Plata
Museo Municipal De Ciencias Naturales Lorenzo Scaglia
The haunted house
Municipal Historical Museum Roberto T. Barili
Plaza del Agua
Parroquia San Pio X
Playa Punta Iglesia
Faro De La Memoria

( Mar del Plata – Argentina ) is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting Mar del Plata. Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Mar del Plata – Argentina

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