MAPUTO, Checking out the intriguing Money of MOZAMBIQUE, best sights (AFRICA)

SUBSCRIBE: – Let’s go to the quite almost never frequented town of Maputo, money of East Africa’s Mozambique, which is an Indian Ocean port with preserved Portuguese colonial architecture. Numerous transform-of-the-century structures are in the downtown jacaranda-lined Baixa community. The bronze-domed CFM Maputo Railway Station, for instance, was concluded in 1916. The Baixa also has an expansive Municipal Current market. The neoclassical Town Hall is in the close by Praça da Independência sq..

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  1. Are you a Portuguese ?
    Well stop your defense about
    Your Colonial whites past
    Porque soy Latino y Cuba
    Fur el ganador de de todos
    La Guerra viva Castro y viva el
    CHE ustedes Portugueses son
    European Rasistas ahora lloren
    ESTUPIDO Colonialism ODIAN
    Al Africanos despues de Robar
    Tanto Ritchies Malditos Blancos…,,
    Leon de Judeah

  2. Adorei este video meu amigo. Eu nasci em Mozambique na cidade da Beira, também muito linda. Tenho muitas saudades de Moçambique e de seu povo. Obrigada por este maravilhoso video. Meu nome é Leonor Ribeiro Couto e vivo em Portugal.

  3. Maputo (Formerly Lourenzo Marques) is an interesting city as Mozambique is an interesting country. My college lecturer visited Maputo and the nearby Cabo de Inhaca one New Years, and he said it was quite interesting to see. I'd visit Mozambique just to see the Lighthouses and Navigation Beacons, as Lighthouses are my primary field of study.

  4. I was able to follow you around using google earth and see the buildings you featured on your video Vic.. Always good to find places on google earth and know where you have been walking 🙂 thanks for the video.. One observation, probably a sad observation is that nearly all the best buildings are colonial times buildings built by the Portuguese.. There does not seem to be great native architecture of note..

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