MADRID, SPAIN Vacation VLOG 2018 #Spain #travel

Heading to Madrid & Segovia in Spain. resort room tour, taking in 25 plates at a three Michelin stars cafe DiverXO, discovering the town, Museums + Far more!!! Skip to 7:35 if u really don’t wanna see the food items.
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★ SPAIN Vacation VLOGS ★
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• Mallorca, Spain-
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• Madrid, Spain-
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★ What I Wore ★
• Purple Shein Costume-
• Sun shades-
• White Bodysuit-
• Green Costume-


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  1. UGH this looks amazing, I've only ever been to Barcelona and I absolutely loved it! Your outfits throughout this whole vlog are so on point, your style always inspires me! OMGGGG all that food looks crazy cool and the plating is gorgeous!

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