MADRID & BARCELONA // SPAIN 2018 #Spain #vacation

In present-day online video, we travelled to SPAIN! Was so pleased to be back. Let us know if we ought to go to other components of the place, and the place!
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  1. So happy I got to go back to Spain and this time spend it with my best friends! Let us know if you're from Spain and if we should visit any other cities there next time 🙂 ALSO, where else we should visit in the world! xx

  2. Hi! First of all, I absolutely adore both of you and I love all of your videos. I just wanted to say that I am from Spain (Granada) and the tapas you had looked like they were pre-cooked or something. Like if they had bought them frozen, straight from the grocery store. Next time you should look for more traditional, home-made restaurants and you will for sure notice the difference and enjoy the food way more! You should visit Andalucía, especially Granada, where you get free tapas just paying for a drink and we also have the beautiful Alhambra and neighborhood of the Albaycin.
    Love you guys! xoxo

  3. 22:36 Antoni Gaudí 100% intended on that. La Sagrada Família is deeply inspired by nature, as is most of Gaudí's work.

    26:53 not normal here either, that was probably a tourist cause people from Barcelona we're so used to seeing all this architecture and all this cool places that we don't behave that way. On the other hand, I won't name nationalities, but we do have some very rude tourists that come here from certain places and make us look bad.

  4. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! You could visit Mallorca (with beautiful beach coves), Valencia (my city), Cantabria, Seville… Spain is full of beautiful places.
    Sorry for the rude people =/ , I can't stand rudeness either.

  5. This gave me all the feels!!! I was in Madrid for 3 months and I almost cried when I saw this! And yeah, Spaniards do not believe in proximity. I remember standing in line and literally people were standing touching my back and breathing down my neck. The locals told me that's just how they are. Also, where did you get your pastel flannel Alex??? I need that in my life. Love you all! keep up the good work!

  6. Not even just in big crowds, we were at a restaurant INSIDE and a man came to talk to us and showed us a menu and took it right from the table by sliding the phone under the menu so we couldn't see and ran down the busy street and the restaurant was just like ya that happens all the time. So crazy!

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