Mad Cape City Phenomenon!

Mad Cape City Phenomenon! – Actually a single of the most amazing weather conditions demonstrates on the planet. I enjoy clouds, I enjoy the mountain, and I enjoy Cape City, so of course this is quite a great deal my favourite thing.


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  1. So sad you talk about another country like that, saying it has India feel to it. Dirty windows, you need to grow up man. I dont know which country you belong to. You need to change

  2. Thank you Cape Town. Those clouds were beautiful! When the music started, at first I thought it was Jaws theme. Not only the first time, also the second time…lol. You sure got my husband's attention when you said trains!!

  3. Fog is always so eerie…whether it's "Gorillas in the Mist" or "the FOG" or Werewolves in London… The clip-clip of footsteps in the darkened, thick air, that presages horror or violence is hard to dispel, but you do a fine job at that, Matt. Wow. When I was in University at a sea level institution, we'd get fog rolling in after dusk, so that going to library at night to study, one had to brave the night air that one couldn't see thru…illuminated by ORANGE sodium lamps…it was wandering on a different planet. Even sound itself didn't travel as you would think because of the thickness of the condensation in the air. Ugh…But of course, on this Channel, it seems marvelous and even exciting. Let us say…that without your curation of the trips…one would never EVEN think of Croatia or Finland as a destination. Now, they are definitely worth a look and recommendation to those who long to travel. They should be happy that those vlogs serve as a testament, nay, even an exploration into what's good and valuable about them as destinations.

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