Luxury Lifestyle Inside Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is one of the premier luxury hotels in Dubai — and the world, too. The Burj provides a luxury lifestyle for those who can afford it. In this video, we’ll be going inside the Burj Al Arab, as well as answer questions like “how was the Burj Al Arab built,” and “how much does it cost to spend a night there?” Let’s jump in to one of the world’s top 5 luxury hotels.
The United Arab Emirates was founded in 1971, and the Burj Al Arab was designed by Tom Wright and built in 1999 on a private, man-made island. The name means “The Arabian Tower,” and took over five years to build — though three of those years were just to build the island it’s on. It’s one of the tallest hotels in Dubai at 1,053 feet, and cost $1 billion to make. However, in spite of
this, there are only 202 rooms, as the design of the building leaves almost half of it unusable for living space — the interior of the hotel is hollow, and the curved area is enclosed by an atrium that extends 18 stories into the sky.
The rooms at the Burj are as luxurious as it gets. They take inspiration from many cultural touchstones of Dubai architecture, with intricate tile designs and carpeting. The paint on each floor forms a gradient of color from blue to yellow as you go up inside, and there are gold accents everywhere. Many of the rooms maintain a gold, white, and blue color scheme, and there are pillars and huge windows in most of them. The bathrooms will of course come with a bidet, and the suite also offers an office area with some supplies already set up for you. The minibar is fully stocked with drinks, and snacks comes in little curved bags shaped like the Burj itself. The living room is quite open, and the view can be breathtaking.
Upon arriving at the Burj, you have to pass through security. The hotel has a Rolls-Royce shuttle service, as well as a helicopter for some of the more esteemed guests. When you enter, you are greeted and are immediately presented with coffee, dates, and towels if you like. There are lots of shops inside the hotel, of course, as well as fountains decorating the many open areas. There is a receptionist on each floor that acts like a concierge for the people staying on the floor, and is available 24 hours a day. As you check in, porters will give you not only your bags, but fresh juice and sweets, too. You’ll also have access to a butler that can do all sorts of things for you.
The Burj is a luxury hotel, and as such, it’s no surprise that it has a luxury
price. After fees, there’s a very good chance that the room you’ll be staying in will be over $2,500. While it’s definitely a fun thing to consider, staying at the Burj probably isn’t worth it. That said, if you find yourself wanting to go to the United Arab Emirates, it should definitely be somewhere you go to at least once. While getting in can be difficult, you’ll likely get more enjoyment out of some of the restaurants and decor that aren’t specific to the rooms than the rooms

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