Living In The Burj Khalifa | $1,400,000

Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Live in The Worlds Tallest Building? | My Latest Exclusive Listing in The Burj Khalifa

If you’ve ever thought about visiting Dubai there is a good chance that you have thought about seeing this building.

Whilst standing at the base of the Burj perhaps whilst watching the fountains I’m sure you’ve wondered what it would be like to live inside this majestic architectural masterpiece. Well, now I’m taking you inside!

I’m also showing you what comes with a residency at the Burj Khalifa.

The 2 bedroom apartment is currently available on the market for sale and will be vacant on transfer. For more information and to arrange viewings you can reach me on +971 562511311



  1. the question remainin these bulshits designs and very much costly people like after sign deal if i see it will impulsive for buy this bulshits placei would preffer stay bangladish not in dubai my firend anyone who fucked very awesome way

  2. Shahrukh Khan is the GOD of Dubai. He has more power than Tom Cruise in Dubai. He owns apartments in all the big places of this city, even in Burj Khalifa.

  3. Whole lot of people criticizing Dubai as being "bland", who've never visited Duabi…or any relatively large middle eastern city….yeah, it's sand, but whoever designs those cities make them anything but bland.

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