Living in Argentina as an American (Buenos Aires Job interview)

What is it like to reside in Argentina as a foreigner? Discover out in this interview concerning two American Expats in Buenos Aires. We examine what it really is like to reside and get the job done overseas, what the price of housing is like, if you need to learn Spanish, how to get everlasting residency or a get the job done allow, and a lot extra.

For the full Buenos Aires Journey & Price tag-of-Living Guide, see this video clip:

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  1. As an argentinan i loved your videos about my country, you do such an instructive guide for everyone who would be interested to be here that just gives me hope that people all over the world would give a chance to my home. I am usually sadden by the fact that foreigners are afraid to try an "latin american country" (as you say in this video, with justifiable reason). Just, thank you, both to you and to your friend who gave so many years to give us a chance to grow into your hearts.

  2. I’m Argentinian , I’m living in Texas , I have my permanent resident but I apply for citizenship and is going to take 18 months to get the test, so what are you talking about!!, in every place took long time!!

  3. well my German buddy told me .his my 57 years further by god not to live a comment and he told me that even if I live a coment: "no coment"it's still a coment I mean what do you want me to sey?just skip lunch …simple

  4. That’s insane that he said there are people who have been in there for 10 years and still don’t speak Spanish.

    It would also be interesting to hear about places well outside Buenos Aires, such as Bariloche.

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