Little Europe: Liechtenstein #Germany #travel

A lot more information about travel to Europe: Nestled involving Switzerland and Austria, the principality of Liechtenstein is a quirky remnant of medieval feudal politics, the place women were being not provided the vote right until 1984.

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  1. I am an Indian and do want to visit this small beautiful country Liechtenstein. However problem is the shortage of time. Even if people get time during vacations they only say if they want to go to europe " Hey let's go to U.K.,France,Germany,Italy,Spain,etc" no one says " Hey let's go to Liechtenstein……"

  2. I always wanted to go there just because I like obscure places, and last week, I made it come true. It was actually worth visiting. It was a cold December day — we did a little shopping, had a nice lunch, and drove high up to the ski hill. Beautiful views of the Alps and we took some great photos. If you happen to be in the area, as I was, it's worth a detour. Very nice atmosphere (actually makes Switzerland look a bit dumpy — ha ha).

  3. I have to correct you, one speaks Retroroman German – not so easy to understand even one speaks high german and we like this country. It's green, clean and has cute homesteads. I even met the "Fuerst" when I was 4 years old when visiting the " Burg Lichtenstein" My grany shopped in Schaanwald as it was closer to do so living in Tisis / Austria on foot as using the bus driving into Feldkirch. Try to drive up as far as one can do so past the castle, trough the tunnel and up close to the Silveretta – a valley one can think it is paradise is also the end of the road. To see the flora and fauna is worth the drive.

  4. I went to Liechtenstein once on a cloudy day and Prince Hans-Adam II flew down from his castle and greeted me at the gate. It was then that I realized that Liechtenstein was home to a plethora of mythical creatures – mostly vampires but there was also a talking horse named Fritz.

  5. I want to visit this country so bad! It is so different to all the others. You always hear people going or wanting to go to Spain, France, Italy, England but you never hear anybody say: "Hey, let's go to Liechtestein!" That's why I want to go there. Never been to europe by the way.

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