Lion mauls British wildlife park owner in South Africa

*This online video contains graphic photographs that some viewers may possibly uncover distressing*
British wildlife park owner, Mike Hodge, is recovering in healthcare facility just after currently being mauled by a lion in South Africa. Hodge reportedly entered the enclosure on Monday to examine a odor that appeared to be upsetting the animal when the male lion pounced on him and dragged him absent in entrance of onlookers traveling to the park
British wildlife park owner mauled by lion in South Africa
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  1. Come on guy's, forgive me if I'm little bit stupid here, looking at the comments here I get scared. how can you compare a life of a wild animal to a human being. Do you guys understand the pain this gentleman's family is going through although he survived the attack however you guys are busy crying about the dead wild animal. I feel sorry for this man's family.

  2. English owner of Wildlife Park is a danger to himself, his visitors, & I presume his family. This majestic lion is now dead because of this stupid Englishman's actions. The manual Wildlife Parks for Dummies clearly points out that entering the enclosure of a large ferocious puddy kat with huge claws 'n teeth is not a good idea.

  3. Dude was like 97.8 years old what the heck was he doing in there and how fast did he think he could move in case of an emergency.
    Wild animals should stay wild not caged.

  4. This is a very cruel footage, because this is a documentary video .. It's more scary and disgusting than a long fantastic TV series about zombies. If a lion tried the taste of a person, he must leave this world.

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