Linkin Park 2017 06.twenty five Southside Festival Germany Pro-SHOT Complete Hd #Germany #travel

:03 01. Fallout w/ ‘Roads Untraveled’ Vox
two:37 02. Talking To Myself
6:37 03. Burn up It Down
10:27 04. The Catalyst Shortened (No Third Verse/Breakdown)
fifteen:seventeen 05. Wastelands w/ ‘War’ Outro Sample
18:fifty one 06. A person Move Closer 2017 Intro Ext. Outro
23:08 07. Castle Of Glass Encounter Variation 2017 Ending w/ ‘It’s Goin’ Down’ Verse one
27:08 08. Great Goodbye Ext. Singalong Intro Dwell Variation
29:forty nine 09. Lost In The Echo Shortened (No Initially Chorus or Second Verse)
32:32 10. Battle Symphony
36:fifty one eleven. New Divide
41:10 twelve. Invisible Ext. Intro
44:27 thirteen. Ready For The Close ‘Remember The Name’ Intro Wall Of Noise Outro
fifty:sixteen 14. Breaking The Routine Acapella Outro
55:34 fifteen. A person Extra Light-weight Ext. Intro one:00:18 sixteen. Crawling Piano Variation Shortened (No Initially Chorus or Outro)
one:03:30 seventeen. Leave Out All The Rest 2017 Variation
one:08:twenty 18. From The Within
one:eleven:24 19. What I have Done 2017 Intro Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge
one:sixteen:05 twenty. In The Close Pause Variation
one:19:forty eight 21. Numb ‘Numb/Encore’ Intro/Outro
one:24:twelve 22. Major
one:26:59 23. Papercut
one:30:22 24. Bleed It Out Ext. Sing-a-lengthy Bridge Ext. Ending
one:34:30 twenty five. Faint Ext. Outro

Neuhausen ob Eck, Baden-Württemberg


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