Lady of Spain – Tour of Joe’s Wurlitzer #Spain #journey

This one of a kind little Wurlitzer pipe organ is in a basement of Ohio Valley Chapter’s President, Joe Hollmann. The Wurlitzer RJ 4 Residence Pipe Organ, Opus 1985, was crafted in 1928 and shipped to the Wurlitzer shop in Cincinnati Ohio. RJ signifies a Residence organ with a junior one zero five take note player unit. Residence Wurlitzers had been little scale and had been sutable and very affordable for property house owners that wanted to have a pipe organ bundled in the furnishings of their property. Opus 1985 consisted of 4 ranks of little scale pipework all on 6 wp. The ranks had been: Flute, Oboe Horn, Salicional and Open Diapason. The balance of the organ consisted of a single regulator, a single trem, a single relay and switch stack, a single swell shoe, a single swell shade blade and blower. There had been no percussions of any sort.

Opus 1985 was bought to The Gilligan Funeral Residence and installed in 1930 for the function of furnishing sutible reflection new music for providers. In 1952, the funeral property donated the organ to All Saints Church in Cincinnati, wherever it was installed by a area organ man. All through this installation, the player unit was sawed off the prime of the console and discarded, leaving the console badly mutilated. Right after 29 many years of church assistance and no advancements of any sort, All Saints bought the organ to Ohio Valley Chapter member Herb Merritt. Herb taken off the organ for its initial home installation in his property.

All through the ensuing many years at the Merritt Residence, many advancements and additions had been carried out. As formerly mentioned, the console was broken when the player unit was sawed off. Not seeking to ruin the originality of the console, considerably imagined was supplied as to how the injury could be repaired. The prime of the initial console was taken off and a horseshoe and prime boards had been added, all taken from Opus 1795. New pieces had been fabricated to fill in the sides and all uncovered components acquired walnut veneer. The keyboards, all console components from the midsection board and under, pedal board and bench are all initial. A crescendo pedal was added from Opus 1795 and an oak new music rack from Opus 1929. As in the initial organ, there is no mix action.

The two/4 was expanded to two/nine with the additions of a Wurlitzer Tibia Clausa, Wurlitzer Vox Humana, Wurlitzer Voix Celeste, Moller Clairnet and an E.M. Skinner Orchestral Oboe. Also added had been two extension for Flute and two extension for Tibia Clausa. Percussions that had been added include things like a Wurlitzer little scale 37 take note Xylophone (Opus 1823), Wurlitzer Chimes (Opus 1795), Deagen 37 take note Marimba with rosewood bars, Glockenspeil, a 37 take note Vibraharp, and a Wurlitzer Toy Counter and Foundation Drum (Opus 1643). The Vibraharp was fabricated by Herb Merritt and has an electric powered action.

The initial Wurlitzer relay and switch stack was retained for the initial 4 ranks. 6 Wurlitzer pull down switches had been added to make improvements to unification. Reisner switches and diodes had been made use of to build a switching technique for the added five ranks. A transistorized relay to feed these switches was produced by inserting an emitter follower circuit in each individual essential line on each individual guide, a complete of 122.


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