Kutno, Poland – End #2 on The Save Motion Germany Tour 2018 #Germany #vacation

Our next halt took us out of Germany to a compact city in Poland named Kutno. In this article, we expended 3 days outside of Europe’s next most significant slaughterhouse exactly where they destroy sixteen,000 pigs each and every one working day.

This was an incredibly taxing vigil. Viewing hundreds of vans enter the slaughterhouse each and every working day loaded with 6-month aged pigs was heartbreaking. On the other hand, we had an remarkable team of activists with us and the motorists grew a great deal friendlier as the days passed.



  1. Slaughter half of human population – only than you can force humans to breed and than kill less animals (less – not at all).No other way arround it and will never be. Slaughter of animals reach back to times when human kind settled in one place and i don't think civilisation can go backward so long nor that anyone whant that. Meybe science will find a way to create raw meat only in the future without living animal to get it from, untill than there is nothing you can do exept fighting for painless death and somewhat better conditions of those animals

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