Keli & Steve Visit Patagonia, AZ

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South African Tourism ‘It’s Time’ Campaign Launch

South African Tourism’s ‘It’s Time’ campaign start was celebrated in type on Mandela Working day very last 7 days with awesome food items, enjoyment and most importantly great business. For those people of you who could make it, thank you for joining our celebrations and we hope you had just as an awesome night as […]

Huge Iguassu Falls on the Argentina-Brazil Border

Iguazu Falls Clip from my motion picture, “Tango and Samba Falls”, which offers highlights of Argentina and Brazil, starring Buenos Aires, Rio, and Iguazu Falls. The falls designate a border concerning Argentina and Brazil. The movie has you Tango in Buenos Aires, meet up with Evita, appreciate Gaucho dancing from the Pampas and then north […]

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