Just after a Disaster, Madrid is Booming Again #Spain #journey

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Venice, Italy (Venezia, Italia) Subscribe to keep tuned for Grand Canal, Venice at Night and much more! :00 – Going for walks: Canals, Bridges, Homes, Streets, Landmarks 9:00 – San Marco Piazza seventeen:fifty four – Famed Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal Venice Canals, Bridges, Landmarks, Going for walks Tour / Vlog #Venice #Italy #Venezia #Italia #Travel […]


  1. Being unemployed in an Anglo Saxon country like UK USA etc is way harder then in Spain. Unemployment in Spain is totally overrated. Sucks how they always talk about crisis and unemployment when speaking about Spain. This Bloomberg video is rather bad advertising for Spain. Who paid you for this Bloomberg, Maduro? Erdogan?

  2. That is to say, now that we have a communist mayor who is doing everything possible to destroy the economy of the city is when we are better. really fantastic analysis. Starting with the title, Justice, what the hell is that? A video game where you have to shoot some churritos.
    A now we feel optimistic;now!.when the mayor has been preventing the construction of projects and thus the creation of jobs, when the mayor closes the terraces of bars and puts absurd laws, when it closes the entire city center,preventing businesses in this area from thriving.
    JUSTICE! Coming soon in all platforms

  3. The video was ok until i watched flamenco in the last 20 seconds. People must know that flamenco is a traditional art from the south of Spain above all from Andalucia. If you want to enjoy a traditional outfit and dancing in Madrid you have to see a chotis.

  4. Returned from Madrid last month and it’s only in certain areas that you see this. This is a documentary to bring tourists toMadrid as it only tells you one side.

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