Journey Vlog to Germany | German Home Tour | Birkenstock Outlet #Germany #travel

This travel vlog to germany is all about my travel practical experience! This was my 1st global vacation touring on your own!

A little bit about my vacation:

The flight from Chicago to Frankfurt was about nine hours. The moment I landed in Germany it was go time! I failed to slumber for 36 hours!

In this video I also display you a german home tour! It was definitely amazing looking at the subtle distinctions between The united states and Germany. Germany as a nation is significantly more minimalistic, which I occur to appreciate.

Three issues I uncovered fascinating had been:

one. There is no Air Conditioning. Everybody makes use of windows and doors for circulation.

two. Their windows and doors can open up three diverse methods.

three. Their toilets do not touch the floor, which made me anxious that I was likely to break them if I sat far too hard! (TMI??)

The previous aspect of this video is a working day vacation to Mettlach, Germany exactly where there was a Birkenstock Outlet. In this article my mom and I discover Birkenstocks for €22! That interprets to $twenty five.ninety three US dollars! Score!!!!

I definitely liked my journey touring and flying to Germany for my 1st time! I hope you liked my video and if you did remember to give it a thumbs up and you should not fail to remember to subscribe!


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This whole video was shot on my Iphone 6s, remember to forgive the not so fantastic high-quality, but documenting my vacation was really worth it, even if the footage wasn’t the ideal.

Thank you for your patience as I am bringing above all my films from my other account! Really like you ALL!


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