Johannesburg Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Johannesburg in South Africa.
Johannesburg is the commercial centre of South Africa. Since gold was first discovered, everything has revolved around money and from the 50th floor of Africa’s tallest building, The Carlton Towers, there is an all-engulfing view of the city’s narrow streets and jungle of concrete and glass.

The African Museum is a contemporary building and one of South Africa’s most exquisite landmarks. It contains a large variety of geological exhibits and detailed accounts of the citys’ past surface mining that gave rise to the country’s massive gold rush. The resistance to apartheid is also illustrated, as well as that of the history of Africa’s native inhabitants who journeyed from present day Botswana to the south of the country.

Gold Reef City is a large historical theme park that features the Johannesburg of pioneering times and focuses on the clothing, houses and entertainments of the country’s golden years. On display are some of the old mining wagons that the workers used to transport the precious rock from the unforgiving mines and there’s also a chance to see liquid gold, as it is turned into bullion and processed as gold coins.

In contrast to Johannesburg, Pretoria grew at a calmer pace and has developed from a Boer farming municipality into South Africa’s administrative capital. Located on a hill is the Voortrekker Monument that is a reminder of the Boers’ Great Trek and in 1830, the crucial battle in which they defeated the Zulus.

Sun City is a magnificent fantasy world full of African ambience and the Sun City Hotel is the casino that made Sol Kerzner the richest man in South Africa, whereas the futuristic Cascades Hotel derived its name from its wonderful setting of waterfalls, pools and lush plant life.

Johannesburg and this whole region of South Africa is the sunshiny place to be!


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