Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert Poster 1969 German Tour Kieser #Germany #travel

An original German concert poster for the Jimi Hendrix Experience in Frankfurt, Germany on January 17, 1969.

Poster artist Günther Kieser designed this classic poster, perhaps the best-known of all Jimi Hendrix concert poster images.

This was actually a German “tour blank” in which the poster was used for several dates on Hendrix’s brief January 1969 tour of Germany. For each stop, different information was printed in down below.

But serious collectors know that the Stuttgart January 15 version was not a real advertising poster, but rather just a souvenir merchandising piece sold at concerts and other places, and therefore somewhat common.

But this Jimi Hendrix Experience concert poster by Gunther Kieser was most likely produced for Jimi’s 1969 German tour stops on January 11 in Hamburg; January 12 in Düsseldorf; January 13 in Cologne; January 14 in Münster; January 15 in Munich; January 16 in Nuremburg; January 17 in Frankfurt (this poster); January 19 in Stuttgart (notice the different date than the merch poster); and January 23 in Berlin.

One of the most enduring images, of any kind, from the psychedelic ’60s, this Günther Kieser Hendrix poster is a true masterpiece of beautiful design and colors that commands a room.

The complete wording found on this poster, from top to bottom: Jimi Hendrix — Presented by Lippmann-Rau.

Experience. Feat: Eire Apparent

17 Freitag, 17. Januar ’69, 19 + 21.45 Uhr

Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle Höchst Karten (ohne Vorverkaufsgebühr) ab DM 6,-

im Vorverkauf; Phonohaus; Pavillon der Städt. Bühnen; Verkehrsverein; Jahrhunderthalle und bek. Vorverkaufsstellen

It is with great honor and pleasure that this poster was shared with you by collector Pete Howard (phone 805-540-0020, email pete@postercentral.com).

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