Jerking in Germany || Spring Crack in Hamburg #Germany #travel

*Jerking is a kind of dance ya thirsty hoes*

Here’s a recap of my Spring Crack excursion to Germany. I put in seven days in Germany with some of the most awesome people today and I can not wait around to go back (hopefully completely).


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  1. If you think the U.S. is "stupid"…take the first available flight out tomorrow…please book it one way. It is people such as yourself who denegrate the very fundamental principle that allows you to do what you do.

  2. I knew you would love Germany and I'm happy for you that you had the opportunity to discover it for yourself.

    I relocated to Europe from the US many years ago. Initially I was able to support myself by teaching English at a language school. Not the highest paid job in the world but it's interesting and pays a living wage. Once you gain legal residency, pursuing higher education will be significantly less expensive. I'd be happy to give you any tips or advice if you're interested.

  3. Sorry to hear about your jet-lag. Once in the military,
    I was on a plane for 32 hours. Not even sure how
    many time-zones it was, but it was a-lot! Sounds
    like your time in Germany was interesting.

  4. Just wanted to say that color (shirt) looks great on you. Also to prevent jetlag, adjust your meal schedule before the flight to the destination time zone. Your body regulates your sleep times based on your eating schedule so it will make time zone transitions a lot easier. Give it a try!

  5. I am wondering, I haven't ever spent much of a long time in the South, however are there any major differences in the levels of racism between the North and the South?

  6. Do grad school in germany! It's going to be much cheaper than in the US. Of course that depends on what you want to do. So glad you could find some happiness! You deserve it!

  7. Waaaooo…Dear Taylor, it seems this German time really brought you a brand new day, I feel so happy for you, so gooo gooo for that, you'll make it just so great there living in Germany, thank you for thinking of your fans here and taking time for posting, wherever you go we'll be there with you, my best vibes and big hug full of energy for you, and a blessing kiss to your forehead, my dear Champ, life is just beginning! 🙂

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