Japan in Germany?? (Road Trip to Düsseldorf & Little Tokyo) #Germany #travel

We made it to Düsseldorf and we found Japan in Germany?! During our stay in Dusseldorf we decided to check out Immermannstraße! There are a lot of Japanese businesses and influence in this area and this area is also known as Little Tokyo. We were very excited to see the different shops, supermarkets and of course, FOODDD!

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  1. Boba tea was actually really popular around 2010-2013, but most stores closed after the first hype. Since 2019, it is getting popular again and boba tea shops are opening again. I think the shop in Düsseldorf is one of the rare ones which survived the first hype and is still around.

  2. southern US here; i've had my bamboo steamer for probably 20 yrs and i love it, i've recently had to purchase a new one since the old one was falling apart probably due to how i cared for it, i mostly use it for steaming fish & veg over a wok

  3. This tea used to be everywhere in Germany, but it is not anymore due to various reasons (I think most people just didnt like it that much and all the shops went out of business). It is still available in bigger cities, indeed, but I dont think it is growing and they dont start having it, they are just left from the time when it was a thing…about 10 years ago.

  4. Yes, Deana, 'Immermannstraße' translates to 'allways man street' but I guess it was named after Karl Immermann, a German author from the early 19th century who died in Düsseldorf (age 44)

  5. In Deutschland kann man übrigens viele originale japanische Produkte bei Shochiku bestellen. Allerdings ist Ramen nicht sonderlich gesund, vor allem nicht, wenn man die ganze Flüssigkeit austrinkt… 😉

  6. Well, it is definitely the largest Japanese community outside of Japan worldwide.
    But many Japanese prefer to come to Cologne if they want to get to know the country and its people or to study. We have had well over 100 Japanese students as guests in the family over the past 40 years.

  7. The bubble tea hype is actually already over. There has been one year a few years ago in which it has been THE drink. Even the media kept talking about it. It didn't die, but it isn't a trend anymore.

  8. Düsseldorf is the best place you can buy any Japanese stuff outside Japan! But you guys should come to Japan someday and taste “real” Japanese ramen!! It’s amazing for sure!!

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