IWANTIT IMDPVGA13 Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter for 97p delivered @ Currys PC World #traveldeals

Low price adapter here. Hope someone will find it useful.


The iWantit IMDPVGA13 Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adaptor allows you to connect your Mac with a mini DisplayPort, to any VGA compatible device – such as monitors, projector or large screens.

Plug-and-play connection

With nickel-plated connectors, the iWantit IMDPVGA13 ensures that you enjoy clear results and experience high-quality video that is free from skips and errors.

Plug-and-play functionality ensures that you’re connected immediately, without the need for additional software. Enjoy viewing your videos, photos and more on a larger screen straight away and benefit from an easier way to share media with friends and family!

Convenient and practical, the iWantit IMDPVGA13 Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adaptor is a the simple way to connect your Mac to an external display.

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