Italy Trip 2019 (with EF Tours)

We also went to Greece, but I did not film when we were there.
Some sites we went to visit was not included in the video fyi!

At first I was hesitant of even completing this video because I thought it was sucking out the time to experience and actually take in everything in front of you. But after watching this video countlessly after it was complete, there was no regret.

It was very fun learning the history behind each country, art piece, and architecture. Art becomes so much more than what you see when you learn the context and content of the piece.
We went to many popular sites that were jammed packed with tourists, but I was able to get a little taste of the culture and lifestyle in the places I visited.

A huge thank you to CHS, Mrs. Asewicz, the chaperones, and EF Tours in making this whole trip possible and smooth.


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