Italy Trip 2013 (Complete-length movie) That includes: Rome, Pisa, Tuscany, Venice and a lot more! [1080p Hd]

During the summer of 2013 my girlfriend and I, along with her mother, brother and grandmother, went to Italy. We went on a tour and frequented a lot of distinctive cities and cities. I documented a lot of the continue to be. Enjoy!

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  1. Loved everything from beginning to finish! It was nice seeing Gab's side of the family; almost every single clip that included her family either had me grinning like an idiot or laughing my ass off. Passing thoughts:(4:07) Charlie, you're stoned, bro. (6:40) Hnnnngggggggg (6:55) Reminds me of Aunty Mary!! (9:32) Gab is not impressed with your accordion skills. (9:38) Vive le Quebec, crisse!

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