ITALY Diaries – My First SOLO Travel 2017

My First Solo Travel – Italy Diaries:

Hey Everyone. So, as most of you already know, I am back from my first SOLO travel and it’s been an amazing experience. No words can explain how fabulous my entire journey was. The people I met, the places I’ve been to, everything made a difference. Landscapes are like my thing. I crave to watch sunrises and sunsets. And Italy has a lot of it. Positano was one of my dream places I wanted to visit, and yes, i finally strike off my first thing of my bucket list.
For me, living and moving around like a local is the key to get the real essence of a place. When I want to visit a place I have never been to, I try to avoid those ‘touristy’ must see places. I try to opt for places where the real culture is hidden. So, even in this europe trip I chose to go to places which are like close to my heart – told you, have a thing for landscapes! Europe is treasured with landscapes, coastal shores and beautiful lakes.
This video is like a diary – my travel diary!
It doesn’t have in detail planning details (i will make a different video on it). I tried to make it as beautiful as I have experienced. I hope I am at least halfway successful in doing so. Do leave in the comments how did you enjoy my first travel video.
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