Italy After Lockdown – A Travel Documentary (Venice, Dolomites, Milan)

In this vlog style travel documentary, I visit Italy after the country reopened to tourism. After exploring the streets of Venice, I drive towards the spectacular Dolomites mountains, where I spend most of my time. Finally, I finish the journey with a quick visit to Milan.

In this short film, I show you some of the highlights of this trip, and hope to give you an impression what it’s like to travel again after (Covid-19) lockdown.

Italy is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe, and was also among the hardest hit countries on the continent by the coronavirus outbreak (especially the North). The country’s economy relies heavily on tourism, and many Italians’ livelihoods depend on it. Like elsewhere, however, Italy is also trying to find a balance between public health and the economy.

If you decide to travel, please respect local Covid-19 regulation and guidelines.

Copyright of all footage: Hoffer Media



  1. Great videos, reading the comment section I discovered you were from Netherland…
    amazing & beautiful country too…would like to one day come back visit Amsterdam or other amazing places…
    Bt the way in Holland the covid was handled pretty " cool" with less infections, emergengies and probably death…
    Best greetings from Paris, where we are going through the "second wave" , lockdowns, restrictions and as a doctor, I can say burn out of the medical and paramedical staff. Latest record : more than 42 000 infected people all over France in 24 h.!
    It is HUGE…
    Waiting for better times and best wishes from Paris, making us travel wirh you and changing our state of mind…
    Stay safe and keep up the great work.! Alles gute Stef.!

  2. I live close to Venice, and half of my family came from Dolomites. I have seen this beautiful places since i was like 5 and I know basically every place into Dolomites but even then it was impossible for me to hold tears while watching it.
    We really suffered a lot during pandemic.
    Thank you for your beautiful documentary.

  3. Beautiful video !!! Feeling sad seeing my favorite European country suffer . But Italian people are very resilient!!! Viva Bella ITALIA!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thank you for this beautiful documentary: I can feel the real empathy you had for my city, Milan. A truthful testimony to the current situation in Italy. I hope you will be able to travel freely asap, since you're such a sensitive traveller.

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