Italo : Italy's Private High Speed Operator!

A trip with Italo, the world’s first private high speed rail operator, from Rome to Milan in Prima (First Class.)

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Date of Travel: 27 July 2020
Class of Travel: Prima (lower 1st Class)
Rolling Stock: Alstom AGV
Cost of Ticket: €66.90 (£59.55, $79.70)*
Origin: Roma Termini, Rome, Italy
Destination: Milano Centrale, Milan, Italy
*Currency conversions correct as of 26/11/2020 to nearest £/$0.05

Other info:

The “Self-Propelled” part of the English translation for AGV is basically a rather “clunky” way of saying the train is an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) with motors under the passenger coaches as opposed to the TGV which have locomotives at either end of the train.


[1] under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)


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