It&#39s all going Wrong on my Europe journey | Wittenberg, Germany #Germany #journey

In this journey vlog, I am in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany (the birthplace of the Reformation!) but anything on my Europe journey seems to be going Wrong. Here’s what is actually definitely been taking place the previous three months. Also, don’t enable my smiling through the video fool you – I was seriously not happy and worn down at this minute in time. As I was editing, it definitely struck me how inclined I feel to be to smile no issue what, even when I am describing inconveniences, disappointments, problems, etcetera. What does that say about how culture has experienced me as a woman (i.e. always be smiling)? That is just a side be aware and undoubtedly not the issue of the video but YIKES.

In any case, if you choose the time to check out to the complete video, we inevitably move from a breakdown of anything that has been going completely wrong to an critical lesson discovered (do you at any time numb as a coping system as effectively?) and a sign from the universe about following your goals.

Enjoy Upcoming: My first vlog from this journey:

OR Enjoy: Our disastrous United kingdom road journey from a couple decades back:

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  1. I just want bring up the fact that if all shops are closed at 6 pm you can buy sweets at a gas-station or usually most of the streetfood-kiosks which sell grilled sausages do also sell some sweets and at train-stations there are either streetfood-kiosks or at least some automats where you can buy sweets as well…and I also would make the suggestion to travel with a book to read to get your mind off just for the case if the internet doesn´t work for what ever reason..

    And if anybody is wondering what the lady in the back is collecting there…. I assume that she collects chestnuts for kids to tinker little figures

  2. Wow, this trip led to a lot of growth! I’m really glad you shared this (obviously I’m NOT glad things didn’t go as planned!). I’m so impressed that you managed to sit with your feelings. Society really encourages us to numb our feelings and it’s incredible that you were able to sit with them on that night. I’m excited to see the next leg of your trip!

  3. Ah so sorry to hear this but I love how you're trying to find a lesson from all the hiccups. As always, thanks for sharing your videos. They are so calming to watch 🙂

  4. First of all, u have a beautiful smile so please keep smiling 🙂 . I think we need to deal well with the inside barriers in such a situation. Wish u the best of luck in your next trip.

  5. Bad luck will end and good luck will begin, that is all part of life. It sounds like you have learned an important lesson though. Just be within your emotions. 🙂
    How long is your adventures going on for?

  6. I'm sorry you're on a bad luck streak, those are the worst. On the bright side, the story your friend told in the car about the celebrating youths was hilarious lol

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