Is South Africa secure to vacation to? 12 Suggestions

If you are setting up a journey to South Africa, or if you are in South Africa ideal now, but have some concerns about your protection, this one’s for you!
In this episode I share my 12 suggestions on how to continue to be secure and appreciate your time in South Africa, Plus my bonus tour guide tip on working with Live Place.

For these who are Marvel admirers, you know what’s coming at the finish. -)

You can down load the nationwide South African and local emergency quantities below:

Thank you to the kind Mossel Bay locals who gave up their time to help me film this:
Daniel Krone (aka Tour Guideline Dan) – Insta:
Kim Kritzinger (digicam assistance, artwork course and graphic structure) –
Caroline Pinto (from Caroline Pinto Images) –
Lo-Jeanne Siebert (from Aruvali Layouts who also delivered the designer handbags that the women are sporting whilst walking about) – (No handbags or backpacks were being harmed in the earning of this video – but man, they confident glimpse good!)
Amy Markus (The Legend Herself) –
Anna (from Cork&Plunger) – Insta:
Rick (aka Rick The Person from Cork&Plunger)
Thank you to The Cork and Plunger ( in Mossel Bay for permitting us to film at your site.

Join me on the 30th of each thirty day period as I share my most current adventures, vacation suggestions and favourite things to do and see alongside the Yard Route and the relaxation of South Africa.

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– I was not paid to boost any brand or company in this video.
– The suggestions and information in this video are my possess views and dependent on my possess knowledge. I accept no responsibility or legal responsibility for any effects that could manifest from working with or disregarding these suggestions.
– Nothing at all in this video is intended to offend any person.

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  1. I made this video to encourage you to visit this beautiful country that I call home.
    The aim is also to promote safety awareness for when you travel – anywhere in the world.

    So what are some of your travel safety tips for when you travel? 🙂

  2. Wow. Any country on the world has dangerous places and one needs to be street smart. Obviously some people hate SA for other reasons and might have had an incident happen to them…. don’t let the world tell you what to do, come see for yourself.

  3. Now I’m on second week in SA Cape Town solo. Most beautiful country, beaches. It’s like normal big city. Travelled thousands miles with rented car, not a single incident.
    Think about own country, would you go in odd poor places, no. Would you walk alone where no people in odd places also no. If you feel uncomfortable just turn around and don’t continue walking on same direction.

  4. All great tips. South Africa is an absolutely safe place to travel, and like any other place it has its rules. You can be the tourist and just stick to the safe places or you can be the traveller, learn the rules, get to know the people, costumes and culture. Either way, you will have fun in SA. Of course, if you're easily scared, you can also enjoy the comfort of your sofa, maybe watch a documentary about South Africa on the TV 🙂

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