Is migration a cause for criminal offense in South Africa?

Is migration a cause for criminal offense in South Africa and if so, why? Chatting about migration we frequently feel of people today that are migrating to Europe. But what if migration is taking place in the continent itself? How are people today in South Africa working with migration and what variety of impression has it?

A South African kills a Mozambican in front of the digicam. The image of this terrible act symbolizes the xenophobia, South Africa´s shame, in accordance to the paper that working day. At that time 1000’s of migrants have been heading to Europe. But migrants from Africa are also heading to South. Their arrival is creating just as a lot aggravation and stress as it causes in other parts of the environment. What is the cause why a South African kills a Mozambican? What is the inspiration guiding it? Dutch Journalist Bram Vermeulen is wanting for answers.

In our vacation sequence the Trek, Bram Vermeulen travels by means of Africa to get to know the essential players in the migration discussion. The Trek is a existing and urgent vacation sequence, close to the migrants in an endeavor to comprehend much more about the key discussion matter of our time. It is about the migrants, and therefore, also about ourselves.

Not all migration from Africa goes to Europe. Additional than ninety p.c stays in the continent, and for case in point, travels to financial powers like South Africa. But you will find also no 1 waiting around for newcomers there. In this episode, Bram Vermeulen investigates the murder of a Mozambican worker in the township of Alexandra and the role of an evil king.

Initial title: De xenofoob (two/4) The Trek

Presentation and investigate: Bram Vermeulen
Director: David Kleijwegt, Alexander Oey
Exploration: Adelheid Kapteijn
Digicam: Maarten Kramer
Sound: Wouter Veldhuis, Rik Meier
Modifying: Chris van Oers, Daan Wierda
Mixage: Joost Oskamp
Grading and chief: Reinier van Brummelen
Producer: Alex Klippel

© VPRO November 2016

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  1. I wish they were so thorough with taking GOOD care of our tax payers money, instead of squandering and looting and stealing it like they did. SA has been brought to its knees by all the corruption mainly done by ANC government.

  2. Honestly VPRO thank you so much for what you do. You people spread a lot of light on what would otherwise remain unseen and unheard. 15k Subscribers is low and you certainly deserve more, but i assure you every one of the 15k subscribers is a loyal viewer. Pleases continue to upload these documentary's, it's only up from here, thanks again!

  3. 0:50 I had my fingerprints taken in South Africa in 1982 , for murder . Thanks to the useless Swart Bantu police force they cannot find my prints, so I continued working for the Metropolitan Police in London. Dont you just liede South African kaffir effiency.
    By the way I killed a Jew , so you wont be interested in that story.

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