Investigate Views of the Burj Khalifa with Google Maps

Get a guiding-the-scenes glance at how the new Trekker engineering is equipped to capture Road Watch imagery of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest making at 828 meters (two,717 ft).

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  1. Hello everyone, I am here to help people who want to visit the Khalifa Tower, consider me a tourist guide in Dubai, a skyscraper located in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in the Emirate of Dubai, was opened in 2010, it attracts millions of tourists every year especially at the beginning of the year comes all People from all over the world This tower is designed by a world-renowned architect and designer named Adrian Smith. The tower was designed to be part of a new development in Dubai and to be a global destination. The design of the building includes both cultural and Islamic elements, as well as materials made of iron, , And the most important point he designed to bear Extreme heat because the UAE has a desert climate
    Finally, as I visited the tower I often advise tourists to visit it when they allow them the opportunity!

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