Intro Video | A Week in Venice Italy | My 1st Solo Trip to Venice Italy

Hello fellow wanderers! This Italy Trip was scheduled to go up around Feb. of this year (2020), but the whole Covid-19 happened. It hit Italy especially hard around that time, so I didn’t think it was appropriate to upload this Solo Trip. So the real time frame of this Italy Trip was in Feb. 2019. I hope you still enjoy my travel videos about this beautiful country. I stayed around the Venice area, but I do plan of going back to Italy to explore some more!

This is my 1st International Solo Adventure! So I am super excited to share you my experience! Here are the reasons why I decided to go to Venice, Italy out of all the other countries I could have chosen. The top choices were between Italy or Japan (Hint: My next Semi-Solo Trip will be to Japan!) Here are the three reasons on why I chose to travel to Venice: (1) It’s sinking in more ways than one, so I figured I should see it sooner then later, but I do have confidence in Italy that they will make sure this would never happen. (2) The Historical aspect of the city, since I am a huge history lover. (3) The Island of Venice is compact, easy to move around without much hassle. I figured I would be less overwhelming on my first solo trip, less logistics.

In short, I had an amazing time, and am definitely going to visit this beautiful city again, hopefully in the year 2023! I hope you are excited for the content I will be uploading for the next two months or so! It’s all going to be about Venice, Italy baby! So buckle up for the journey and hit that subscribe button to get those notifications! Also, leaving a comment and a like will be awesome too!

Happy Wandering! xx

Where: Venice, Italy
When: February 2019

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Happy Wandering! Alice


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