Incredible drone footage Covid-19 lockdown in Cape Town

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Two passenger trains collided in Egypt, killing at least 37 individuals and injuring over 123 in Alexandria. A range of carriage ended up derailed by the incident. मिस्र के अलेक्जेंड्रिया में दो ट्रेनों की टक्कर में 37 लोग मारे गए और 123 से अधिक घायल हो गए। दुर्घटना से गाड़ी के कई डब्बे पटरी से […]

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In this previously unseen presentation Erich Von Daniken explains some of ancient Egypts strangest out of spot discoveries and how mankind is not responsible for a lot of achievements in technology, arts and science. Considerably of this can this attributed to the Historical Alien Gods and this is why person has attained this sort of […]

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