In between the Scenes – Feminism in South Africa: The Each day Exhibit

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#Egypt #travel Project Camelot Egypt Tour Miles & Maria Reside Nov 2018

Maria Wheatley (she says Eire initial..oops) describes the Project Camelot Tour in Egypt April 2019, she is appearing with Kerry Cassidy of Porject Camelot, and Michael Tellinger, interview with Miles Johnston, streamed are living to Facebook. The unique recorder unsuccessful (at 64KB!), so this is a down load from fb reworked. Be sure to refer […]

South African Travelers in Africa

( A quiet revolution is at present underway with South African tourists who journey in Africa and the SADC area. SADC member, Mauritius at present hosts 80 000 South Africans just about every year with continuous progress and probable to substitute the common European market. ABN attended a exclusive advertising night to help local journey […]

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