Iguazú waterfalls (Argentina) in Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe

Welcome, Microsoft/Xbox provided a copy of ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ to me for review.
This is the release version, on launch on August 18th, 2020.
Pc specs are I9 9900K 64 GB RAM RTX 2080. Settings High at 4K, recorded at 1080 with Windows Game Bar.
In this video I show you the Iguazú waterfall in Argentina.



  1. Wow they really screwed the pooch on the natural wonders. Everest looks meh, Niagara Falls, Iguazu and Angel Falls are all trash. The water physics needs improvement.

  2. Usually the IA did an amazing work.. but it seem that for falls like these is really bad. But I imagine in 1 or 2 years all the most important locations would be fixed.

  3. Las cataratas no, pero la selva y el río son espectaculares. No sé cómo han conseguido una vegetación tan realista y con tan buen rendimiento, es increíble.

  4. Unas dudas: Este simulador es increible porque es como volar sobre Google Earth con gráficos muy realistas, fotorealista, PERO, de los 150 Gigas
    que se dice ser la instalación, está todo el mundo ya ahí? O se baja en tiempo real a la RAM y después se borra quedando nada en el disco, o se
    queda ya en el disco para futuro uso? Es obligatorio tener conexión a Internet? Y si falla la conexión, se queda bloqueado el simulador? Gracias.

  5. Thank you so much. Finally someone did this. Private pilot in Canada. Half Brazilian and half German and I've been there! Not flying over it unfortunately haha 🙂 you're the first to make this video for FS20. I've been waiting!

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