Iguazu Falls Vibrations 4K | a 432HZ Seem Therapeutic Character Relaxation Online video

Download/DVD/LICENSE: | (Headphones Proposed) Calm your nerves and rejuvenate your senses with this therapeutic new music + video combination by Character Relaxation™ that includes Iguazu Falls in 4K paired with a 432HZ sound therapeutic music by Resource Vibrations. The video is created to carry you to a condition of mental tranquil and clarity.
ABOUT THE Music: “Expanding Crystals” by Resource Vibrations, from the album Sonic Medicine available at:
ABOUT THE ALBUM: Sonic Medicine is a compilation of exotic tracks created for sound therapeutic and relaxation. This album contains an array of ambient and roomy soundscapes that use specific tuning procedures like 432Hz A and solfeggio therapeutic tones to carry listeners in to a condition of harmony. This new music presents for an enriching sound therapy session with its lush harmonies, resonant overtones, and mystifying textures.


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