i have a challenge #Germany #journey

Make sure you Contemplate DONATING TO THE Reduction Attempts At the moment Getting Area IN PUERTO RICO, In this article ARE SOME Proposed NON-Earnings

EBAY Web site The place I am Selling MY Things (one hundred% OF PROCEEDS GO TO Support Businesses At the moment Functioning IN PUERTO RICO)

HOVER 1 scooter (I am not recommending a invest in, just providing a link, i advise examining some of the client evaluations if you are seriuosly contemplating buyting this issue)

filmed this online video in 4k on this —
with this lens —
big drone –
OTHER Equipment —
Sony Digital camera
Previous Digital camera
Most important LENS
Major SONY Digital camera
Major Canon Digital camera
Flexible TRIPOD Detail
YOU Have to have THIS FOR THE Flexible TRIPOD
Extra Costly Vast LENS
Modest Digital camera
Previous DRONE (less costly but nonetheless wonderful)
Costly Digital camera I Do not USE Sufficient

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  1. thanks for mentioning Puerto Rico casey, there are still who dont have power and the electrical grid of the island is still crap and the whole process will repeat itself if another hurrican like maria comes. anyways THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO, YOURE A HERO

  2. This was THE best way to help people who were in need and after watching this, Casey is really a great person. I don't know how he thinks, but at this position (being very famous and humble), I like him very much. I wish he succeeds more in his coming life.

  3. I was a stock broker in my last life.. before Roosevelt appointment me embassador to the court of St James… I have had dreams about that since I was old enough to remember.. still be those dreams and there in color not black and white… the same dreams all the time for last 35 years…

  4. You should start a foundation for the people who could use help..I'm sure you already do alot of that kind of philamprothy .I just wasn't sure if you had a charity foundation in your name

  5. You could cut out the work, you donate the stuff the a place like salvation army and they use the funds made for food banks and such. so all you got to do is move it and done 🙂

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