I Bought ROBBED! (Yet again) Beware Buenos Aires @TonyaTko Vacation Tale #Share

I received robbed in Buenos AIres Argentina, and I really feel this robbery happened so that I could alert other individuals. Make sure you pay attention & share.

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  1. Here in Argentina you can go to high – school education without worrying about entering and you murder , I have understood that in the US also steals and there is much racism here in Argentina there is no racism , my Argentina country does not invade and murder civilians and United States ,
    I feel proud to be Argentine .

  2. Tonya I going to be honest people don't understand this one I hear you loud and clear but ask yourself why do people rob,primarily to obtain something that they want without having to work for it however it is unfortunate that this happen to u and many others and even as I type this someone is getting robbed. When you are in a situation that you are in your chances of being robbed is very high so my advice even whiles u are displaced try to coverup the things u have in your car go to places that are lighten and have security be careful out there and I am praying you find someplace soon

  3. Thanks for posting your experience as a warning for all of us. As you said, the criminals are really experts in psychology. One scam that happened to me several years ago in Asia, still has me upset today. I was just done checking-in for my flight home, when a young backpacker type of guy came up to me and told me a story of how he was robbed of his ticket and passport and that he couldn't get a hold of the embassy until the next morning. So could I please help him out to buy some food and drink. Only $20 or 40 would be enough to get him through. He also had a notepad with him where I should give my address, so he could return the money as soon as he is back home. Being the person I am, I of course "helped" out, actually believing the story and feeling obligated to help out a fellow countryman. I was in a rush to catch an international flight and since the guy's ID had been stolen, there was no way to verify anything about him. So I jotted down my address and gave him $40 . Of course I never got a anything back. I now look back and ask myself, how could I have been so stupid. But I put myself in the guy's place and thought I would want someone else do the same thing for me if I would ever be in such a predicament. Had I had more time there, I would have bought the food for him and maybe getting a place to stay….. but that's the whole scam. They only want the cash- for whatever …
    Anyway, I see it as a good deed I did- even if it was for the "wrong" person. Would I do it again? Of course we need to help each other out in an emergency. However, I would make sure that the person is really in need- by offering a meal or shelter, rather than giving cash.

  4. One thing I learned living in NYC for 21 years is that, when you are in ANY large city, you must be aware of your surroundings. I've been in BA for the last 33 years. It's a pretty safe city if you remember you are in a place where about 10 million people from all walks of life do their business every day. Sadly, the kind of scam you describe is used in many cities all over the world so it's a good idea to warn people about it.

  5. I had just moved out on my own, trying to fix up my new apartment. A man approached me and ask me if I wanted to buy a VHS system and I said yes, I wanted to save a little bit of money. He stated the system even had a remote control. The System was wrapped up as if it had just came off the truck, I took the system home and all it had in it was bricks and the remote control was made up of cardboard. That's when I was 19 years old and very naive, until this day I have never paid for anything on the street again. This listen coast me $45.00 back in 1985 and I have never forgotten it. Never, never purchase anything on the street. Listen well learned.

  6. I've noticed this Tonya has a list of "I Got Robbed" down the right side of the YouTube screen. Girl, do you not know how to NOT attract attention, carrying all your luggage around with you everywhere? And when you're telling a story, my gawd get to the point!! 20 minutes to tell a story that could have taken maybe 5 minutes at the most??

  7. When I was robbed in Nicaragua during a festival, I was video taping. A guy hit me in my jaw and neck w/an object. I was super dazed and had trouble getting up. While trying to get up, 2 guys acting like they were helping me and lifted me up, while another thug reached in my pocket and robbed me. It was so horrible, but I'm ALOT smarter for that. Thx again for sharing. Keep sharing and speaking out. 🙂

  8. i went to buenos aires about 8 years ago. I got pick pocketted on the train. i had to ask my sister for money through western union. after i left the western union in the center. i was walking in the middle of a crowd of people. all of a sudden it felt like the foot traffic slowed down, it was a little old lady walking really slowly right in front of me, and their were people on my left side so i couldnt walk around this old lady, and there were buildings on my right side. i was stuck in this crowd of people that seemingly suddenly moving slower then a majority of the crowd. So ofcourse i walked as slow as the crowd was going. and something totally made me look to my pursue (considering i had just got pickpocketted) i had a large tote bag and I caught A man's hand ELBOW DEEP in my purse!!! looking back at the situation there had to be about 4-7 people in on it including a few old ladies. Buenos Aires is no joke! and im also a black woman from nyc. I never been robbed in nyc in my life.

  9. Good Video. Thank goodness they didn't hurt you or get your passport. This scam is also used in Europe. We went to Rome in March, so I was ready for the hoards of Gypsy children to attack, "yes, actually happened once". Sorry if I've offended any Gypsies out there. Fortunately we never encountered anyone who was unfriendly. I always try and look like a bum when traveling. It also helps to leave the sneakers, blue jeans, baseball caps and big cameras at home. Whenever we went out, we walked as if we were late for an appointment. Beware of strangers bearing gifts…. Stay safe 🙂

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