Hyunjin guard Changlix (Europe tour – Germany, Russia) [Changlix Assessment | New times] #Germany #vacation

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Evanescence – My Immortal
Stray Little ones – Miroh [PIANO Address]
Dean Lewis – Be Alright [PIANO Address]
BTS V – Landscapes [PIANO Address]
Enjoyment – We Are Young [PIANO Address]
All Time Minimal – Little ones In The Darkish [PIANO Address]
The Vamps, Martin Jensen – Middle Of The Night time


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  1. READ!


    – Please don't mention other ships under my video, it's unrespectful, when I'm working hard on something and you came with totally different thing. No fights here.

    – If you are not believe in some way in Changlix these analyses are not for you, so dont waste your time.

    – Never forget that everything in video are my opinions and etc. It's how I see it from my point of view.

    – If you want to support my analysis, you can send me moments from upcoming concerts/fan signs and etc. – on my email or another social media (You can find my account in video, description and channel).

    – Sorry if I'm repeat some words a lot, it's because of reason that I'm not english speaker.

    Love you stays.

  2. My POV.

    The staff are trying to separate them to not cause drama, or have any scandal. But in reality they’re making other ships bigger and putting other members in Changbins place. I’m not mad either, I can appreciate any ship. It’s just they aren’t doing it for the greater good.

  3. I love your videos. Thanks to you I am up to date about everything. Your videos aren't just changlix things, your videos are really deep. I am really sad when Chanbin was sad because of Felix.

  4. I have a really blurry idea of why does Hyunjin mailob was REALLY protective with Felix. As we know, Jinnie is really expressive and pretty obvious, maybe he doesn't realize it but, the way he hugged Lix seem to be a really protective hug, like a brother that's ready to fight if something could hurt Lix. He is older, it's only about months but is common, one of my best friends is older than me for months and she used to do the same thing as Hyunie does. About Binnie, HE IS JEALOUS, but it's common, even if only once you saw your crush with another person interested in them you might felt that sour sense. I express it like Binnie does, I feel sad and it's really embarrassing to admit it.
    Sorry for my bad English :"(

  5. Dude literally the first day that’s I see one of you videos of Changlix I subscribe and start to see all of you analysis of changlix and minsung and give a like to all of your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️ LOVE YOU

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