How to Use the Busses in Rome

‘How To’ Travel films from The Roman Person. Bojan describes some of the basic principles want to understands when employing the bus program in Rome. If there are any other subject areas you’d like us to go over just comment under!

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Movie by Jinwen Chen & Bojan Tubin
Modifying by Sean P Finelli @SeanPFinelli

Hello, everyone.

I’m Bojan from The Roman Person.

These days, we are going to educate you how to use the buses in Rome.

This is our hottest in the series of “Roma How To” films.

Now, in any international nation, the transportation program can get pretty complicated, but currently, we are going to clearly show you how to conquer the buses of Rome.

We advocate carrying a ticket with you whilst in Rome.

You in no way know when you’re going to want 1 and in fact, it is actually challenging to uncover 1 on the bus.

You typically get them at a Tabacchi spot.

Now allow me clearly show you how to in fact obtain 1.



Un biglietto del autobus for every favore. Quant’e?

Grazie lei.

When touring all around Rome, it is important that you know where you are, where you’re going, and which bus quantity you’re intended to acquire.

We’re standing here on the bus stop in Piazza Venezia.

The Italian term for bus stop is fermata.

You’ll read the fermata on prime of the boards and also the title of that bus stop.

In this case, Piazza Venezia.

After that, it is important to opt for which bus to acquire.

Now, higher than the bus quantity, you are going to usually see a distinct letter, X which means Express.

Look at out, this bus will not stop at each and every solitary stop.

Night bus is marked with the letter N and the types you are going to typically be on the lookout for are the buses with the letter U, which means urban.

Our destination, in this case, is Piazza Navona.

Now, typically on these bus stops, you are going to not see the title Piazza Navona on the board, which means we want to glance for the closest stop offered.

This is when your map will arrive in useful.

To get to Piazza Navona, we want to get off at Corso Vittorio Emanuele, which means, on the lookout at your board in front of you, we are on the lookout for the bus quantity 64.

It is also important to see that the initial and the last stops are what’s acknowledged as the Capolinea which means the beginning and the conclude of your course.

In buy to get to Piazza Navona from Piazza Venezia, you are going to have to acquire the bus quantity 64, heading into the route of Stazione St. Pietro.

Now that you’re on the bus and the group is ultimately cleared out, you got to use your tickets.

You have the arrow pointing out the spot where you want to insert it into the equipment.

Check out it out. That is it, validated.

Every person, we’ve achieved our destination, the lovely Piazza Navona.

Now, you can admire Bernini’s 4 River Fountain.

We hope this was practical and make certain you check out our other “Rome How To” films.

Goodbye for now


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