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  1. Hope this video helps someone in some way shape or form. Please do all your research before traveling and make sure you have all your paperwork/documents printed out and properly organized ❤️Good luck to everyone that is traveling in the near future and I hope you have a safe trip!!

  2. hii, me and my boyfriend from the US have been together for almost a year. We never got to meet up in person because Germany went into a lockdown. He has an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt and we have all the paperwork, except proof we met or that we met at all. Do you think they would let him in? I would even book us a room and everything so that we're not nowhere near public places. We are both gonna get tested and watch out for everything. We are really hoping for the best, but what are your thoughts? You can be honest and maybe share your experience:)

  3. Some people have been telling me to just go to the UK and quarantine for 14 days then go to Germany… lol. Others say just fly to Germany and see what happens. Both options sound bad to me. Of course if I had that same Boarder Agent as your friend I would be happy but I cant know for sure.

  4. Starting October 1st you have to go straight into quarantine, coming from a risk area. You can only get tested 5 days after your trip at the earliest, and if the result is negative, you'll be released from quarantine. The 5 day rule: in case you got exposed to the virus on your trip, the test won't show it in the first 4 days. The virus won't have reproduced so there isn't enough of it for the test to respond… that's why you have to wait. Hope this helps

  5. I flew to Germany from Canada and then Croatia in June and they allowed travellers to enter at that time but you’d have to quarantine for two weeks in Germany .they said at the airport I might have problems in Croatia but when I got there no one asked me anything and it took less than a minute to get in . But everyone wore masks everywhere .

  6. hi from germany,munich grünwald.whatever it takes, fighting for a guy and whooos living in your homeland. what youre thinking one minute? love, fighting and no – angst, wir freuen uns so sehr auf dich. hayley – komm nach hause. sorry but, boy meets girl – waiting for a star to fall. miiiiiiiiiiiiike! ha!

  7. My wife is from Belarus and arrived at the airport in Hanover yesterday (23.09). She was allowed to enter because one point of the big list is "family reunion" and she had the proper visa. She went straight to the terminal where they carry out the corona test. They asked for her insurance card but since she is not yet in the german system, it was not needed. Its free anyway since she is from a risc country. They asked some basic questions like place of residence, did a mouth swap, gave her a QR code and she was free to go. I picked her up and we drove home. In lower saxony the airport test is also only possible till the end of september, afterwards its an appointment with your doctor or the health department. Still free under specific circumstances.

    At home I wrote an email to the health department of my city (according to policy). They need name, address, contact number and date of birth. The next morning I got a call where they explained the whole procedure about quarantine and had some pending questions. So for now, we just wait for "snail mail" with test results which we can email to the health department. Theoretically it is possible to quarantine just one person at home if you can make sure to not cross path. There are some other prerequisites, but honestly…I haven' t seen my wife in 8 months, I wasn't very attentive about this point 😀

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  8. Just got to Germany this past weekend, very straightforward if you have your paperwork together. Already got a negative corona test, so I'm free 🙂 Safe travels to you Haley, and others on their way to see loved ones.

  9. Jetzt wird es also langsam ernst. ich kann es kaum erwarten bist du ein Update machst in dem du sagst, dass du gut angekommen bist. 🙂 Toi toi toi dass alles gut geht und dass du eine gute Reise hast, trotz der Pandemie

  10. Fly into Munich yesterday ( military). We were given the test at baggage claim and they will email results in four days . We will Quarantine for 14 days because that is the us army’s policy. Germany stated we had to quarantine until we get the test results back.

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