How to transform your standing! From Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

You under no circumstances know who’s going to just one day make a determination to win big. It could be the human being you minimum expected to win that helps make a determination to get following it. I at the time study that sometimes on a way to a desire you get missing and find a more substantial just one. This is a terrific example of how my mates viewed me in university and what they expected to transpire to me escalating up. The terrific news is you dictate your potential. Churchill at the time said “history will be variety to me for I intend to compose it.”

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  1. PAT hi, Sunny here from India into waterproofing, renovation and painting of residential buildings for past 4years , is it wise to see your videos or read the books???

  2. What an amazing chat Patrick. You have a beautiful way of speaking to people. Thank you for sharing your wise and generous spirit with me. Your Favorite Astrologer, XoXo Momma Miki, SpiesGirls

  3. Thing that makes you Special is that you make Simple for everyone to Take ACTION and See the Results Thought multiple time to read 500 books read few Hundred made a lot of difference than I got.confise is it more important to read 10 books again and again or new book off course take ACTION what ever you read is most important part of it My Wife use to call me Slave of books but watching your so many videos I have taken the challenge to read 1000 plus and some of the friends and my sister also joined the party will come back to share the story and share it in person

  4. Still going- incredible video. Tomorrow I will be going to Mexico for 5 days. I really feel it's necessary. I have become so sad the last few days for no reason, and have totally lost my purpose. But I feel this is really going to get me back on track, and with school out for spring break, I finally have a chance to do stuff I want to do and that help make me mentally and physically stronger, instead of assignments and studying.

  5. You are amazing Patrick! I will never stop reading! Thank you for creating Valuetainment! I'm going to be reading "Doing the impossible" and "The life of an entrepreneur in 90 pages" this month. Thank you once again for bringing so much value to my life. I wish you and your family the best this life has to offer. Take care my friend.

  6. Listening, reading, and remaining focused, develop successful habits needed to grow. Gaining a new reputation doesn't happen overnight. It takes consistency, also the correct environment . Happy holidays.

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