How To Plan A Trip Abroad + Tips for Solo Travelers #Germany #travel

Hey all! I’ve been meaning to make this video for quite some time so here is how I planned my backpacking trip throughout Europe things you should know before traveling by yourself. I talk about transportation, accommodation, budgeting, and activities when it comes to backpacking especially throughout Europe and some tips I learned as a solo female traveler.

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  1. solo traveling is a lot easier than people think you can have adventures that are not so physical as well I am older 52 and I started to solo travel back in 2018. The budgeting section is really good know where to save know where to splurge & and know when to spend to be safe. I do not do hostels but business hotels are cheaper clean and safer plus sometimes breakfast is free. Also get to know your area or is there a grocery store in a tube station. You can find cheaper food and drinks and just take to your hotel. Also hotel lobby is a great way to meet new people and just have a chat if you like. Sometimes you have common interests and can plan to go to the same museum or castle together. I loved what she said about the culture take time to live like a local if you have time it's fun and new. Never put money in a backpack; I use a wrist wallet and hidden bra holder you can find them on amazon. I don't like to carry everything in a backpack get one LARGE suitcase with spinner wheels & packing cubes especially if you like to buy souvenirs! I can't wait to travel again after this whole pandemic!!!

  2. I definitely wanna backpack through Europe it's a goal of mine and has been for years but very nervous being female. I definitely enjoyed the tips and will remember once I get ready and all the covid restrictions end might be years but Europe will still be there.

  3. As a secondary note: I've heard of codenames/fake names to use if you get weirded out. Without whomever your traveling with, if you're getting a bad gut feeling about a stranger, you introduce yourself (if that person asks) with a fake name/story/number/etc. that your travel buddies know about, so they instantly know that the person is giving you weird vibes, and they're on the same page.

  4. I 100% agree with the "trust you gut" notion. I went backpacking with a college friend in Europe last summer, and on our last full day (we were in Munich, Germany), this guy that gave us both weird vibes came up and started talking to us in a crowd of people watching some street buskers. He ended up leading us to a different area (much less crowded), which was sort of a red flag for me (since we didn't know that area at all, and he did). We ended up just talking as the sun started setting (although his conversation also became a little strange: talking about the "have and have nots" and how "life isn't fair sometimes"), and we went are separate ways (probably due to intense "you're sketching me out" non-verbal communication by me lol, trying to leave before the sun fully set), so everything was fine. Turns out, my friend was on the phone with her mom when she noticed the guy staring at her from a far (for a long time), and was trying to give me "the look" before he approached (which I missed). Maybe we overreacted…who knows. Moral of the story: if you start getting a weird vibe, look out for red flags/reasons to go your separate way (avoid less crowded areas, leave before the sun goes down, etc.). We probably could have cut the conversation off a lot earlier, but both my friend and I were trying to be polite and missing/misreading each other's signals. Also, not sure if this is necessary info or not, but he also had like drawn on eyebrows (almost sharpie-like), which was a tad strange….but I ignored it cause he seemed pretty friendly.

  5. hi beautiful i'm your new subscriber from the philippines , I hope you come here to the philippines there are 7,641 beautiful beaches island here aside that the people are so friendly and this country 90% people speaking english ., like the other foreign vlogger here beloved the philippine culture ..

  6. Hi Elena, Nice video nice topic for me, how you give me a lesson that how we use resources for plan a trip abroad + tips for solo flight . Thank You a lot God bless You

  7. it frustrates me how much more females gotta go through solo traveling compared to men. love solo traveling sometimes the female part can get overwhelm. it inspires me though that so many women continue to solo travel and don’t let the men of the world stop them! i even feel like more women than men engage in solo travel

  8. I live in Belgium (quite boring) and i'm planning to do my first solo backpacking trip and I'm going to spain. Not that far, very beautiful, nice people,… so pretty nice dor the first time

  9. just got back from a month long backpacking trip and I wish I had watched this first, I missed out on so much from a lack of planning! listen to elena kids and PLAN YOUR TRAINS

  10. You are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for the tips, they're very in depth and make a lot of sense to someone who's never done it before.

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