How to make Empanadas – Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Guide

How to make Empanadas – Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Guide
Argentina’s fast food – learn how empanadas are made and which ones are popular.

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Popular Empanadas – Carne, Ham and Cheese.

It is a beautiful day here in Buenos Aires, but I am getting hungry. What can I get that is quick, cheap and filling? Every culture has its fast food, in Argentina it is Empanadas. Empanadas are pastry filled dish that may have meat, cheese or vegetables inside. Depending on the region it may also have spices.

We have here a carne empanada, a meat empanada, which is the most popular and traditional empanada in Argentina, and ham and cheese empanada which is also very popular. As you can see these are traditional empanadas which are folded like this and baked and they are delicious.

“Most peple think that the empanadas have only meat or ham and cheese filling, but tell us about what you have gere?” “Look, there are people who are vegetarian, so you have empanadas filled with vegetables, cheese and onions (fugazetta) and different combinations.”

“My name is Gabriel, I am from here, from Buenos Aires. It is the best food in this world, you know. You can have it anytime that you want. Specially when I watch TV football, football NGB, always I like an empanada and a beer with me.”

Empanadas can be baked or fried. This is a baked empanada of rockford cheese. Rockford is a blue cheese that is delicious in Argentina, unlike in the US it is not pasteurized. I am Ande Wanderer showing you Buenos Aires.


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