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The six finalists are tasked to make a hollandaise sauce, for the perfect eggs benedict. The first three to perfectly make 200ml of the sauce will be allowed to join the others, who are watching the action from the mezzanine level in the MasterChef kitchen. 
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  1. When a hollandaise hets too thick, you can add a touch of your boiling water from under the double broiler, put the sauce back in the heat for a few minutes and whisk, it will thin it out.

  2. First of all, use clarified butter and you don't technically have to use only egg yolks to make a creamy hollandaise. I've seen some recipes that taste just as great using the entire egg. Just make sure to strain it to have an even texture. The mistake most chefs do with this sauce is to add vinegar or water to the mix. If you mix it right, slow and steady heat is the best way with the two components of egg and butter. The sauce will gradually come together within minutes. Just as you can under mix, you can over mix the sauce where the texture and consistency is not correct. 10 minutes minimum and 15 minutes to get the best texture. No more than that usually unless you messed up the sauce in some way and have to make corrective measures. If you want to add acidity for flavor into your sauce, then simply add lemon juice gradually over time along with the butter. Balancing butter versus the classic lemon juice is what makes the sauce difficult and easy to ruin in texture. If it splits, take off the heat, add a dash of water, whisk very quickly until it comes back together. The risk with splitting is that the flavor will never be quite as good as getting it right on the first try. Season the sauce at the very end to flavor. Never season beforehand with this egg sauce!

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