HOW TO Find A Career IN GERMANY! (No German/ Non EU) #Germany #vacation

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hallo Zusammen, I’m Diana! I’m initially from Toronto, Canada but I now reside in Berlin, Germany ☾ On my channel, I share my experiences and ideas on living and doing the job abroad as an expat in Germany. Many thanks for your assist ☮


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  1. There is a huge difference between getting a job in Berlin Vs getting a job in another, not so multicultural melting pot, city like Frankfurt, Bonn, Koln, etc. In there, like most of Germany you'll be expected to speak German at a reasonable level.

  2. Пипец, у Вас кальций! Вирниры штолле?!
    Полистал комменты – а что, ватники под этот канал не "ходят"?

    Скажите, правда ли, что прожив в Германии 2 года на основании
    ученической, студенческой, рабочей или "по воссоединению" визе, можно
    подать прошение на получение Вида На Жительство, и его дадут с
    достаточно большой вероятностью?
    И надо ли отказываться от гражданства РФ перед подачей на ВНЖ?

  3. Hi #Diana Verry. One thing I have to inform you and everybody who is watching your video that whatever the job you want thats depend on your Resume Method. I have professional way to make Resume for germany and you can also get your desired job its 100 percent true. if u want to know so coments in reply I will explain you

    and one more thing you are looking so lovely in video

  4. Thank you for your effort. I hope these tips will help me and other people. I'm trying to find a job in Germany but as you said i don't know German and it seems to create a problem for me. I hope i will solve this and things will get better.

  5. oh ya, be like her.. and just send a resume to a company and they will just create a position for you. (umm.. I wonder if having your photo on the resume and being a pretty f-able female in a majority male profession… well.. that might help .. EXTERMELY)

  6. very little information and not precise as well, even you didn't share the links for the job searching websites in the description. And the title of your video is totally Irrelevant to the statement you had given on the video. I was expecting that you gonna go straight to the point for those job seekers who are English speakers.

  7. You could work as a English teacher at European reference system c1 and c2. Your students might have a standard vocabulary but would have the grammar not fluently available or would make mistakes. So you could try to find a job in the educational branch.

    As a German I know that most of Germans have b2 or lower levels and those are having high school diplomas. By talking and correcting Germans in speaking with you as a native English speaker you can earn money.

    To have a didactic understanding about the methods how Germans learn English from a1 to b2 levels you could buy the, "Exam Trainer" from, "FOCUS ON SUCCESS" from, "Cornelsen".

    It is partly written in German but most is written in English. You can translate whole sentences by Google and can find the exam trainer by using Google.

    To find a job you should know, Germans learn in about 3 to 3.5 years after school a profession and earn more money after finishing successfully in that profession. Germans who finish high school get a diploma and might study then at a university or, "Fachhochschule/ university of applied sciences."
    After graduating, Germans have a wide spectrum of job opportunities which are normally better payed because of qualifications. You have to be qualified for a job in Germany to get it. I propose you go to the institution, "Arbeitsamt." They could give you jobs which you would need healthy legs to or other qualifications. But as a native English speaker you could ask at, "Abendschule" or "Nachhilfe."

    In this world you never win. Sad but true for most Germans. The mafia could force you to pay, "Schutzgeld" to stay alive what most profitable people would have to…

  8. Hi.. Thanks for the tips, I am planning migrating to Germany, I have already applied for a job and have an Interview scheduled, my question is, if a job is offered do I need to have certain amount of money in a blocked account before moving to Germany?

  9. Wow….so much idiotic commentary on here, including some people who appear to be barely able to string two words together in English, let alone in other languages. If you really want to live and work in Germany, put the bloody effort in and learn the language. I got my German to B1 level before even bothering to send out my Lebenslauf to German employers and lo and behold, a well remunerated job in Munich came fairly easily. There are so many cheap/free and accessible language learning tools out there, one does not have to spend the big bucks at language school anymore. Drill grammar, listen to German radio, read German newspapers etc. – all readily available to anyone with an internet connection. Sorry to sound like an old grump, but good old fashioned hard work will get you your Traumjob in the Bundesrepublik, not watching YouTube videos.

  10. Hi its me Nagendra, i am from south assian country Nepal, and been in german from the last 6 months i have been working here, i don't know about the german language. But i stay in near the Oldenburg city called munderloh.
    Dear sister can you please help to another types of job in german
    I have face several problems in my job and in getting salary
    Can i talk to you sister personally ?

  11. Hey Diana,
    Your video has given me hope to find work here in Berlin. I too am a Canadian from Toronto. I came here to learn the language to enter a masters program. I'm really struggling with this whole job finding process and getting to know my way around!! any help would be awesome!!!! Thanks!!

  12. berlin is good because most of them speak english its an international city been in germany for over a year and still havent found a job atleast in the city of where i live ive given up cant find it , been sending cv everywhere for jobs and most of them call straight after but they do not speak any english

  13. Thanks Diana.. nice tips! Mostly all videos on jobs in Germany seem to be IT or engineering oriented. I know this is not related to your profile but can u also discuss about the job opportunities for people from a non tech background.. e.g for a MBA student or non EU lawyer or someone with a marketing background. If u have friends with a non tech background working in Germany. Would be really helpful! 🙂 Thanks

  14. I'm happy that you have a job in Germany, really happy for you, you are a 1 in 100. The truth is, is not so easy to get a job in Germany as a foreigner. I'm a EU citizen, I'm a accountant, I have a bachelor, i speak English and German (i have a c1 German level), i live in germany for 4 years and I NEVER GET A JOB! I tried everything: Praktikum, Ausbildung, Jobs and get NOTHING, the only thing i get here in Germany was a Depression. To be honest, don't come to Germany to find a job… My advice is: If you really want to live in Germany try finding a job by distance, have interviews with Skype and come to Germany when you already have a contract. If you want to work in "pizza delivery" ou cleaning you will have a job in a minute, but if you have already a career, or studies, or something…. Don't come to Germany, you will waste your time and effort (except if you are a programmer… This people have a job in a few days). For me it's enough, i will be move back to my country till the end of this year.

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