How Size is Perceived Completely Differently in Germany Than in America… #Germany #travel

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As Americans living in Germany, we noticed there are big differences between Germany and America in terms of what is considered small or large, near or far, and short or long. Today, we want to discuss this culture shock between German culture and American culture to figure out where the misunderstanding is for these size-related topics and finally answer the questions, does size really matter? 😊

1:15 – Intro
1:54 – How “small” is “small?”(US State vs Germany)
3:43 – “Is this a good time?” (American vs European timezones)
6:04 – Is there something not “far” for us all? (Skillshare)
7:07 – Some give all, some give a lil’ (American vs German weather)
8:55 – How “far” is “far?” (American vs German distance perceptions)
11:37 – How “old” is “old?” (American vs German history perceptions)
14:12 – Varying perceptions of reality
15:27 – Bloopers

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Filmed: Kaiserslautern / Ramstein, Germany – February 2021
#AmericansInGermany #German #MovingToGermany


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❤️Aubrey was a Speech-Language Pathologist, Donnie was a graphic designer, but we both had a dream to #travel the world and experience cultures. After three years of being married and dreaming about if something like this great adventure would be possible, we decided to quit the rat race and take on the world. We sold everything we had, quit our jobs, and took off! After 9 months of aimless and nonstop travel, we now get to fulfill our dreams of #LivingAbroad as #expats as we move to #Germany!


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  1. Compare a full size car in the US to a family car in Germany. A normal sized car in Europe is considered small in the US. An average "full size" pickup to US standards (like a Ford F 150) is gigantic to European standards.

  2. My only story would be once in Las Vegas we were handed a flyer for a store that sold, amongst other stuff, cowboy hats, and since we wanted to buy some actual ones, and not made in china cheap fake ones, wanted to go, according to the simple map on the back it was VERY close, walking close, because the distance from our hotel to the intersection where we needed to take a turn was about 100 m, and then about 400 m more down the street. after passing under the bridge. However what the map didn't say was that it used 2 very different scales for each side of the bridge, so what was supposedly about 400 m, was in reality about 4 km, in a Las Vegas heat wave.

  3. Well, wenn I was in the US me and my mother mistaken the what you call "close to something". We where visiting my godmother in Texas, we where told: "oh, the shopping mall is just a cat throw away, just down that road and next left until you see it, it is about 15min".
    What they didn't told us: They measoured the time with a Car on the interstate. The husband of my godmother had to leave work because we where stranded in an Texas' August besides an interstate…

    Funfact: My mother was in Chicago with my sister and said: "oh, well 4 Blocks… we can walk that" 1 block can easily be 1 mile long, to compared our "blocks" which are seldomly larger than 200ft. But in both cases: You meet a lot of strangers and kind people. Thats how you get to know a country: Just walk to what you see!

    I do it everywhere I go. I see something in the distance and say: "That's where we are heading, ON FOOT!"
    It get's you sometimes in distress but mostly the natives see you are lost or exhausted and it's an easy way from that point to get a real conversation going. At least and truly: to get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues and the good will of strangers.

  4. short weekend trip would be max 200km for me, i guess about 3h on my country's roads. that's another difference, we don't usually use hours to say how far is a city or how far we're traveling.

  5. In my hometown in Germany there’s a restaurant that’s actually been operating for 500 years…
    And when we’re talking about new and old, I do feel that there’s a lot of beautiful atmosphere to old buildings or even cities at whole. For example I’ve been to Warsaw that’s been completely destroyed in 2nd world war, but rebuilt almost perfectly – but it still can’t ever be the same – you still feel that the buildings around you aren’t old. I think that’s pretty fascinating…

  6. About age of cities and buildings… I live near Delft, and the NEW church of Delft is built in… 1396! How old is the OLD church then? 1246, but the initial chapel was even older…

  7. I'm German, but I live in Greece, so timezones are a thing I always need to keep in mind when calling friends and family in Germany. Also when I fly to Germany I always have to make sure I get the arrival local time right.
    When I moved to the Greek island of Rhodes I once thought I'd take a walk around and suddenly found myself on the other end of town, without expecting it. People here percive 1 km as a far distance.
    My favourite ice cream flavours are vanilla and pistachio.

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