How Quarantine Changed Venice Beach from Top Tourist Attraction to Homeless Encampment

Please share and subscribe. Between March and August 2020, Venice Beach California was changed from the 2nd most popular tourist destination in the Los Angeles area to one of the largest homeless encampments in the city.

I believe you should determine what someone actually intends but the results of their actions. Not by the pretty words they use to justify them. While we were TOLD the lockdowns and restrictions of 2020 were to save lives, what we SEE is the destruction of far more lives than might have been helped.

Watch this video and ask yourself if you can honestly believe they were ever trying to actually help.
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Filmed with a Panasonic Lumix S1H 6k camera

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  1. Should spray their asses into the ocean for the sharks. Destroying a great LA site by turning it into a haven for tweakers bums and psychotics. All the states that dumped people here should take all of ours with interest

  2. Lock-down 2.0 as of today Dec 7th, we are watching the transformation of Venice Beach into Venezuela, courtesy of your elected officials. Amazing is the power we allow them to wield.

  3. to be fair, this was already happening en masse and getting worse for the past 10 years. Quarantine just made it explode because also, this was during the protests and riots which had police busy and pretty much hands off while folks migrated to literally camp on the beach, which was illegal. They are now cleaning up alot of part of that boardwalk and giving people tickets again
    The whole thing makes me sad

  4. Gruesome Newsom is gonna close us down again so the homeless chaps better get ready for some more neighbors. Maybe the old ones will decide things are too crowded on the beach and move on… and then the new bums might wonder where all the old pros went off to and leave also… and then Venice will be back to normal. 🙂

  5. Thank the low consciousness of Democrats and the foolishly following left leaning brain dead sheep. Thank goodness I left LA. Love you Cali but you need to vote Red and secure the illegals crossing at our border. No sanctuary loopholes!

  6. California as well New York and New Jersey States were ordered to lack down their people with the reason to stop the spread of the corona-19 and there fore they have the higher numbers on cases in the nation so how is that possible? According to the Democrat governors as well their majors and no only Cali also here in Houston, TX where we have a Democratic Major and Judge order us to be lack down to avoid spread the virus but the cases were raising as hell according with the main stream media, we closed business a lot of people unemployment and the only Country in the whole word that game profits is CHINA.
    So far the cure was worse than the illness.

  7. Homeless people were already camping there before covid. I mean yeah, lockdowns, closure of businesses etc and all definitely made it worse. But the high taxes and high property & rent costs definitely has impacted in the growing homelessness.

  8. yet the people keep voting for the same ones that put them in this situation. then they move to repub. states and bring their same attitudes with them and mess up our way of living

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